InfoAvian is a strategic management and technology consulting, research and IT services company managed by a group of professionals with rich experience in the respective industries. We create innovative Business Visibility, Profitability and valuable Business Insights through our products and solutions in areas where there is "no Vision" or visibility ahead normally.

Brand Values

InfoAvian acts as an academia-industry interface and provides project/research consulting/guidance/assistance for UG/PG/PhD level projects/thesis and IEEE projects.

Yes. You got it right..   Google X..   InfoAvian is of the same genre, daring to experiment with the most eccentric and extreme ideas.

We develop sustainable, green products and solutions which go along, protect and enhance the whole biological environment of Mother Nature and enhance the lifestyle of the society of mankind. The design theme of this website derives inspirations from the Nature, the blues of the Sky blended with the greens of the Earth and the graphical effects inspired from the Clouds, Stars and the ever-beautiful Rainbow.

Tools and Technologies

For our Service delivery, we use customised open source tools and technologies comparable with their proprietary counterparts, to pass on the cost-benefit to the customer, but can also use proprietary tools at an additional cost if you insist so.